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The General Idea

To create a blueprint for how a PINOY implementation of the Boston Mr. Trash wheel could look like. Use clever engineering solutions with local materials, even junk -- the model picture we have shows the use of old plastic barrels for the waterwheel.


Students or Investors may send us an email to

Final Goal

A DIY manual, an easy to read and understand blueprint for empowering the Barangays to build it.
Material list (with focus on local available materials especially used materials from junk shops or easy to get materials like bamboo (for not water-touching parts)
Rough cost estimation of the materials
Rough time estimation for the building time
Rough overview of tools needed

Simple and Pinoy Ingenious

Again -- it is aiming at LGUs/Barangays to build those by themselves - so a main goal is to make it as easy as possible!

The Contest

Part 1: (General Concepts)
  • Short essay describing their concepts.
  • Rough scribble (hand drawn or CAD).
  • A rough cost/time estimate.
Part 2: (Shortlisting - Top 10)
  • Material List, 2D Blueprint
  • Costs List
  • Time Estimate for Build
  • Example Chapter for Tutorial (One selected Chapter – i.e. Waterwheel – how do you build the wheel OR the Dumpster)
  • Example Video for Tutorial
Part 3: The 2 best will be chosen for the pilot

10 Such projects in step 2 - here we choose the best 2! They will be built as Pilots at the Pilot sites

The Pilots will be deployed in the pilot project – they run the first rainy season. We will evaluate their performance and find the weaknesses and the teams get the chance to enhance them.

Part 4: The Winner will be chosen

BEST of the two will be chosen – NOW they create all Tutorials so that the Brangays can build them.


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