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"Once the trash is in the ocean, it is 
incredibly difficult and costly to remove.
The key is to stop the trash 
before it enters the ocean!"
Caroline Power

The PlasticPlug offers 
a holistic approach to
this Ocean Emergency!

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a sustainable solution …

Nik is passionate about reducing waste and his plastic plug is a genius idea that cleans plastic waste from waterways, it is so badly needed in the Philippines.
I see this as a sustainable solution of global concern.
Jane Walker
MBE Member of the British Empire CEO | Purple Community Fund
We need this! Now!
I am doing what I can on a personal level, but it is only so much that individuals can do to reduce plastic.
That is why we so clearly and urgently need these kinds of solutions for the overall global necessity to reduce the plastic in our oceans.
Anna Kopp
Anna Kopp
CIO | Microsoft Germany
Will make the biggest impacts

The PlasticPlug solution is designed to identify the concrete changes that will make the biggest impacts in reducing a nation’s and a continent’s plastic pollution footprint.
Lars Feyock
Lars Feyock
IT Security Specialist
Database Monitoring, 
Security and Compliance |
Deutsche Bank AG
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Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution with Your Voice!

The PlasticPlug is a holistic approach to the main problem of ocean pollution with floating garbage through rivers.

And it contains a powerful and inspiring motivational campaign, which will help changing the mindset of all parts of the society towards segregation and recycling.
It is conceptualized to be inexpensive, as well as powerful and fast in impact. It’s beauty is in the mix of simplicity and high-tech.

It starts in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines as a pilot project – to prove to the world it’s feasibility and success.
It will then scale to the whole Philippines and in the following year all across South East Asia — effectively protecting the Pacific.

Short Overview (3 min)

The Digital Workflow (4 min)

The Full Workflow (10 min)

YEY! We were selected 
by the Global Microsoft

Hackers pledged continuing support  
From a pool of 30+ United Nations Development Programs our PlasticPlug was selected as the coolest project and a team of hackers started to work with us on the exciting Digital Component.
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Gawang Pinoy!
Relaunch of our contest!
Basura Wheel Student Hero

Engineering Design Competition
After so many hurdles like the pandemic and other, we are now relaunching the Engineering Contest.
It is now an interdisciplinary project with Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Mass Communication.
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The Holistic Solution to Reduce
Ocean Pollution Significantly & Fast & Inexpensive

Holistic Trilateral Concept

Retrieval via low-cost archaic systems with no running fuel or electricity cost.
Recovery onsite without transportation cost.
Rewarding System made possible through Digital Component with High-Tech AI.

Plastic Affects Sea Life

We have been creating an unspeakable situation for the creatures of the seas. And soon this horror movie of being fed plastic trash will catch up on us humanity too.

Monitoring in Real Time via App

The Digital component is not only a key to an inspirational Motivation Campaign, but also for important KPI Monitoring to prove the success in Real Time

All Stakeholders Connected

From Ocean Science Institutions and NGOs to Government Units and ultimately all World Citizen the results of the project are transparently available at any given time.

A Wake-Up Call

By presenting the topic in a community friendly manner we are able to have it on the citizen focus on a regular basis. We can show the horror of human impact and the success of national efforts parallel.

The Much Needed Impact

While most campaigns are expected to create visible change in years from now, the PlasticPlug creates immediate maximal impact in the very first rainy season and scales effortless to whole South East Asia.

Be a Digital Hero

You can participate in our Development of the Software for the project. Register at
You will work in a team led by Microsoft Philippines. We look for volunteers who work with us in the following areas:

  • Database
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Blockchain
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A chance to care
By participating in the Plastic Plug project, everyone can have a chance to care for those lives under water.
Marlon James Dedicatoria
Dean, College of Engineering President Ramon Magsaysay State University
A Fair Chance to Win

So many efforts to fight plastic pollution are either fleeting marketing campaigns or well-intentioned programs doomed to fail for want of sufficient research and coherent planning. Nik Schwarten’s PlasticPlug is neither. Grounded and aware of the limitations and fully harnessing the resources where they will be deployed, while unencumbered by vanity, profit and wishful thinking, this solution has the power to claim a desperately needed win in our war against plastic.
Joselito Las
Joselito Las
Inflight Services Manager, Manager of the Year 2019 Philippine Airlines Express
No carbon footprint
Nik’s PlasticPlug is a welcomed addition to the plethora of solutions available to us now as it captures the plastic trash before it reaches the ocean with no carbon footprint and then processes them in materials recovery facility (MRF) for recycling.
Glenda Daco
Glenda Daco
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II | House of Representatives, Committee on Science and Technology Philippines

The PlasticPlug Flow

Flow Plastic PlugView Full Flow

We are proud to have been identified by
this superfund for ocean philanthropy as an important piece in the puzzle of saving our oceans.

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